TricLED Dual Battery Kit for the Polaris Slingshot (2020+)

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  • Part Name: polaris-slingshot-auxiliary-battery-tray-vsr-charging-kit
  • Part Number: SM-9070

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MFG 1 Year

Polaris Slingshot Fitment Guide:
2020 Slingshot GT LE / R / SL
2021 Slingshot R / R LE / S / SL
2022 Slingshot R / S / SL / SLR
2023 Slingshot R / S / SL / SLR
2024 Slingshot R / S / SL / SLR

2020+ Polaris Slingshot Dual Battery Kit
If you're running aftermarket 12v mods on your Slingshot such as our UnderGlow Lighting Kit or perhaps an aftermarket stereo system, then it's probably crossed your mind that the factory Slingshot battery really isn't intended to run mods with the ignition off for extended periods of time. If you do, you face the risk of potentially leaving yourself stranded with a dead battery. So to address this issue, we've partnered up with the team over at TricLED to bring you guys a dual battery kit for all 2020 & newer Polaris Slingshot models. This kit features a custom designed aluminum battery tray to mount your secondary battery in the rear of the Slingshot, you'll also get all necessary power and ground cables, and inline fuse holder with fuse, plastic looming and most importantly a VSR also known as a "Voltage Sensitive Relay". A VSR allows your primary battery to automatically start charging your secondary battery when the primary battery voltage exceeds 13.3 Volts,  which is anytime your engine is running or if you're Slingshot is parked with a battery charger on it. The VSR has a little LED indicator light on it that will illuminate when this 13.3 volts is achieved and the secondary battery starts charging. Now, when your engine is off, if your primary battery dips below 12.8 volts for any reason, the VSR will detect that voltage drop, the LED indicator light on the VSR will turn off, and automatically stop charging your secondary battery, to ensure your primary battery is always charged and ready to start your Slingshot.

At what voltage does my Auxiliary Battery Start / Stop Charging?
Your rear auxiliary battery will start charging when your primary battery exceeds 13.3V. This happens when you start your engine and the alternator charges your primary battery. It also occurs when you utilize a battery maintainer on your primary battery, such as our BatteryMinder chargers. Your rear auxiliary battery will stop charging when your primary battery voltage dips below 12.8V. This is to protect the integrity and starting power of your primary battery, so that you don't get stranded.

What battery should I use to power my aftermarket accessories?
You should use your rear secondary battery to power your aftermarket accessories. Your primary battery should be reserved for starting the engine.

If I want to run a Battery Charger, which battery should I install it on?
If you are running a battery charger to keep your battery voltage topped off, you can connect it to either battery, when the battery the charger is connected to reaches 13.3V, the VSR will automatically open the relay to allow the other battery to start charging as well. So you can essentially charge both batteries with one battery charger.

What brand of battery do you recommend for the Secondary Battery?
The kit is sold without the rear battery included. The reason we did this is because we know that some of you prefer a certain brand of battery. The kit was however designed specifically for the MotoBatt AGM Battery we offer on our website. What's cool about this battery is it's actually the exact same battery we offer as an upgrade to replace your front Slingshot battery. So if you prefer to upgrade your front battery at the same time you're adding the dual battery kit, you would simply grab two of these Motobatt batteries at your time of purchase, one for the front and one for the rear. You can of course keep your stock battery up front if you prefer to do so.

What are the specs on the Motobatt battery you offer?
Dimensions: L: 6.54" (166mm) W: 4.96" (126mm) H: 6.89" (175)
Weight: 22.48 Ibs
Terminals: 4 (2) positive, (2) negative
CCA: 390 @ -18C
Capacity (10hrs): 32Ah

Product Details
Made In USA
Material Aluminum
Warranty MFG 1 Year

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