Polaris Slingshot Front Bumpers

The stock Slingshot comes sporting an agile front end that looks appealing for general use. However these front lower wings are brittle and easily damaged, so many drivers opt to upgrade to an actual bumper that adequately protects the Slingshot in the case of a collision, either with other vehicles or with debris on the road. The varying styles of bumpers offer contrasting levels of protection for the front of the Slingshot. They also have a fairly dramatic impact on the Slingshot's appearance as well as the impression it makes. Drivers who drive on busy city street or ill maintained roads would benefit from a bumper upgrade, as well as anyone who desires a bolder, more intimidating character for their Slingshot's presence.

Madstad Ultimate LED Front Bumper and Grille for the Polaris Slingshot (2015-19)
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