Polaris Slingshot Center Support Windshield Brackets

Center support brackets reinforce the Slingshot's windshield by providing a sturdy center brace. This helps to keep the windshield protected against the barrage of wind currents that continually put it under stress as the Slingshot travels. The braces are cut with wide inlets that allow for wires to be run to aftermarket modifications and the various electrical accessories that drivers like to bring along on the road. Aftermarket center support brackets provide superior integrity when compared to the lackluster stock braces. The later Slingshot models don't even come with a stock center brace from the factory, which puts the windshield at risk of incurring cracks and other damage after prolonged use. These center supports are an investment to maintaining the condition of the Slingshot's windshield as well as a fine utility accessory to allow further modding options via their convenient wiring ports and pre-threaded accessory holes.

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