Polaris Slingshot Brake Rotors

Rotors are the moving component that attaches directly to the wheel of a Slingshot. As the Slingshot begins to move the rotor moves with the wheel. More importantly, when the driver presses down on the brake pedal the hydraulics system of the Slingshot presses the brake pads against the brake disc (the flat outside edge of the rotor). This causes friction which converts the kinetic energy of the Slingshot's motion into heat, which slows and eventually stops the vehicle. Over time rotors will wear out which will lead to longer stopping times, or in more catastrophic cases a failure to stop at all. Bad rotors will also wear down brake pads faster leading to unnecessary expenses on the owner's behalf. Higher quality rotors will equate to faster stopping times and add to the longevity of a Slingshot owner's brake pads. Wise motorists will appreciate the safety and performance that comes with having a set of high quality brake rotors that are in good condition.

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