Polaris Slingshot End Links

End links are the strong counterpart of the sway bar and are necessary for proper functionality. When a Slingshot takes a turn, the natural momentum causes an angulation of the tires, which reduces friction between the tire and the road. This leads to a loss of control as more weight is displaced onto the outer tire. To counteract this the sway bar is installed to help redistribute this weight back onto the opposing side of the tire to keep the wheels aligned with the road, meaning more of the tire stays in contact with the ground. This is where the end links come in, as proper spacing between the sway bar and control arm determines how effective a sway bar is on a Slingshot's performance. Having durable, high quality end links is important for anyone looking to keep their Slingshot running at its fullest potential. This is doubly important for anyone who has raised or lowered their Slingshot, as changing the height of the vehicle will affect how well the sway bar synchronizes with the rest of the Slingshot.

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