Polaris Slingshot Wind Restrictors

Personalized wind restrictors are a gratifying balance of artistic flare and practical function. They specialize in reducing turbulence within the Slingshot's cabin to both combat the unpleasant back-wind and white noise that’s caused by air currents on the road. These wind restrictors also serve to help seal drivers and passengers away from exhaust fumes that might otherwise be swept back into the cabin. The most alluring aspect of personalized wind restrictors is the fantastic style they apply to the Slingshot. They are sold in a large variety of lustrous designs, and have the stunning option to bring customer's own artistic visions to life with flexible custom design options. These wind restrictors are manufactured with led lighting that brings the designs to life, and create something that is more akin to a Las Vegas showpiece than an automotive modification. Best of all these wind restrictors are easy to install and require no permanent modifications to the Slingshot, so they can be added or removed at their owner's leisure with no consequence. Drivers who desire to possess the pinnacle of eye catching intrigue, with a substantial dash of premium function, can do no better than a personalized wind restrictor.

Etched Customizable WindRestrictor® Brand Rear Wind Deflector for the Polaris Slingshot
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