Polaris Slingshot Rear Fenders

Rear fenders form a barrier between the rear wheel and the backside of the Slingshot's body. This keeps the Slingshot from being coated in mud or other grime when driving on dirty, wet roads. It also keeps debris from being flung by the rear wheel into vehicles driving behind the Slingshot. Upgraded fenders offer varying models with attractive, stylized options and colors. Certain rear fenders also provide an alternative mounting position for the Slingshot's license plate, along with LED options for car shows or driving at night. Larger fenders provide more coverage from rubble and dirt that smaller fenders would be unable to catch.

Paramount Plastics Stealth 2.0 Rear Fender for the Polaris Slingshot
Paramount Plastics Air Foil for the Stealth 2.0 Rear Fender
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