Polaris Slingshot Caliper Covers

Brake calipers are the muscle behind a Slingshot's braking power. When the brake pedal is pressed it causes the master cylinder to push brake fluid through the brake hose. This hydraulic system pushes the pistons within the caliper against the brake pads, which in turn are pressed against the rotor. This causes friction between the rotor and the brake pad, which is what allows the Slingshot to stop moving. Of course just because brake calipers are integral to a Slingshot's functionality doesn't mean they can't look good. Caliper covers offer a great way to spice up the mundane metallic hue of a Slingshot's wheels with the opulence of sleek design in a variety of different colors to match the rest of a Slingshot's bold composition.

MGP Brake Caliper Covers for the Polaris Slingshot (Set of 3)
Bullet Speed Parking Brake / E-Brake Spring Cover for the Polaris Slingshot
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