Polaris Slingshot Air Wings & Wind Deflectors

Adjustable air wings extent the versatility of the Slingshot windshield's inherent design by allowing drivers to alter or block airflow into the cabin. This is a great feature to avoid unnecessary inconvenience or discomfort brought about by unchecked wind currents, without committing to a full sized windshield. This way drivers can choose when they want to feel the breeze against their skin, or opt for a more comfortable tranquility within their cabin. It simply takes a quick adjustment to the air wings anytime, anywhere. There is a generous selection of different air wings to accommodate different windshield styles, roll cages and installation locals for the wings to be attached. They are easy to install and don't require drilling or other work that might compromise the Slingshot's integrity, simply clamp them on and go. The versatile air wings can be angled and adjusted as drivers see fit to find the perfect distribution of air flow to their cabin that to meet their desires.

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