Slingshot 2020+ Dual Color Running Lights w/ Sequential Turn Signals

If you purchased a 2020 or newer Polaris Slingshot, then you know that the front end features integrated upper led running lights on all models, while some of the more expensive models feature both upper running lights as well as plastic gap fillers that house additional running lights down below. Our hats off to Polaris for this bold 2020 redesign as it adds a very modern look. But there's always room for improvement. So today we're happy to introduce our replacement LED Dual Color Running Lights with integrated amber sequential turn signal functionality. These new lights are a direct bolt-on replacement to the factory LED running lights. They're IP67 water proof rated and are mostly plug n play thanks to our friends over at TricLED.

Once installed, as soon as you press the turn signal stalk, the white daytime running lights magically transition over to sequential amber turn signals allowing oncoming motorists a clear view of what your intentions are. Not only do our replacement running lights feature imbedded sequential turn signals, but our white LED running lights are quite a bit brighter than the stock white running lights. You can actually see the separation between each LED bulb on the stock housing, where as our aftermarket white running light flows continuously for a uniform look. Now depending on what Slingshot model you purchased, the front end lighting can slightly differ. For this reason, we offer replacement sequential lights for both the upper and lower lights independently. We also offer plastic bolt-on gap fillers, so that if you have a 2021+ S Model Slingshot, you can transform your front end into the what you'd get on the higher model Slingshots.

Plastic Bolt-On Gap Fillers for the Polaris Slingshot (Set of 2) (2020+)
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