F4 Tinted / Non Tinted Windshields for the Polaris Slingshot

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  •  **This item requires a center windshield support bracket - See Options Below!

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F4 Customs

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Clear or Tinted

Stock / +3" / +5"

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No Returns Once Installed


Mfg. 4 Year Limited

Slingshot Application Guide:

» 2015 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE
» 2016 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE
» 2017 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE / SLR
» 2018 Slingshot GT LE / S / SL / SLR / SLR LE
» 2019 Slingshot GT / S / SL / SLR

F4 Customs Tinted / Non Tinted Windshields for the Polaris Slingshot
The Polaris Slingshot Windshield replacement by F4 Customs uses the highest grade polycarbonate available on the market today, to guarantee you one of the finest aftermarket windshields. This product is DOT approved, Made in the USA and fits all Slingshot Models. F4 has created this windscreen with looks and functionality in mind. They use a "Baked In Coating" process, combined with a "Hard Coat Process" to allow this Polaris Slingshot windscreen replacement to be one of the most scratch resistant, and chemical resistant windshields on the market today.

WindScreen Models Color Thickness Width
Same height as the OEM Polaris windscreen
Clear .177" 2.5" wider than OEM
Same height as the OEM Polaris windscreen
Tinted .177" 2.5" wider than OEM
PLUS 3" CLEAR - Model # F4-SLING-3-C
3" taller than the OEM Polaris windscreen
Clear .177" 2.5" wider than OEM
PLUS 3" TINTED - Model # F4-SLING-3-T
3" taller than the OEM Polaris windscreen
Tinted .177" 2.5" wider than OEM
PLUS 5" CLEAR - Model # F4-SLING-5-C
5" taller than the OEM Polaris windscreen
Clear .177" 2.5" wider than OEM
PLUS 5" TINTED - Model # F4-SLING-5-T
5" taller than the OEM Polaris windscreen
Tinted .177" 2.5" wider than OEM

F4 Customs made the Polaris Slingshot windscreens in multiple size and tint options. You can choose from standard stock height, +3", or even +5" higher than stock.  On top of that, you can also choose whether or not you'd like your Slingshot windshield tinted or clear.

We feel that the F4 windscreen is one of the most important upgrades for your slingshot, as it provides safety from road debris, blocks the high speed wind from your face, drastically lowers the noise levels, adds a level of clarity that dwarfs the factory shield and enhances the look of your slingshot. dramatically.

(Note: The optical clarity of the F4 windshield far exceeds that of the factory windshield on all flat sections, however the MFG wanted us to disclose that the windshield may have minimal distortion in the corners, due to the multiple bends in those areas.)

Shipping Fee $50.00
Product Details
Color Clear or Tinted
Height Stock / +3" / +5"
Return Policy No Returns Once Installed
Thickness .177"
Warranty Mfg. 4 Year Limited
How well do the sides of the F4 plus 5 line up with the Slingshade? Do you have a picture? ( Steve Barnes, 12/10/2017 7:21 am )
Hey Steve,

The F4 windshield does work and fit with the Polaris SlingShade, however we wouldn't have any pictures lying around.. F4 did say they have installed some on with a SlingShade but didn't take any pictures.. They did say all sizes including the plus 5 will fit with the SlingShade! Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. ( SlingMods )
Can you run the +5 with the fab factory top? ( Beau Finley, 06/02/2017 5:27 pm )

Hey Beau,

Yes as of now all height options will work with any top!

( SlingMods )
I have an SLR, so it doesn't have the center bracket. Will I need this to go with the +3? ( Scott McCormick, 01/14/2017 6:23 pm )

Hello Scott, yes you will. The center brace will be needed when running an aftermarket F4 shield. We have a few different options for you here:


Thanks for the inquiry!

( SlingMods )
Will the plus 5 windshield work with the Bullet Speed V-Back Slingshot Canvas Roof Top ?

( Mike Kretzschmar , 12/15/2016 7:02 pm )
Hello Mike, we've actually formulated a special top especially for this circumstance. You'll see on the dropdown menu, there is an option to get the 5+ Cut for Aftermarket Tops. That is the selection you should make if pairing with the Bullet Speed Top.
( SlingMods )
Also, I noticed that the center bracket in the picture, does not even look close to the factory one? Does the + 5" come with the center bracket shown in the picture? If not, how do I order/replace the factory bracket? ( Kevin, 08/27/2015 1:31 am )
Hello Kevin, the windshield bracket shown on our F4 windscreen page is indeed the factory Polaris windscreen bracket. It looks different because we have two of our other mods installed on the bracket. One is our RAM Mount Cell Phone / GPS Holder and the second is our Ram Mount Rear View Mirror System.
( SlingMods )

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Average Rating: 4.75

01/11/2019 10:43 am

F4 non tinted windshield
This is the tallest windshield made for the slingshot. It is night and day difference in the wind buffeting and comfort level. Its a little pricey but well worth it. It reduces the wind noise and buffeting by 90%.

01/04/2019 4:26 pm

Awesome windshield. Installed on a 2019 base model. It would have been nice if the windshield came with the mounting hardware, but the windshield itself is high quality.

11/24/2018 7:04 am

F4 plus 5 windshield is the bomb!!!
Installed the windshield on a Friday and took off for a seven day ride through Tennessee the next Sunday and could not be happier with the difference it makes on a long ride. The wind buffeting and associated fatigue are close to eliminated. I also have the Welter Sidekick exhaust and the Twist Dynamics V back top and experienced no recirculation of engine exhaust after adding the F4 plus 5 windshield. Highly recommend this windshield upgrade.

09/15/2018 3:23 pm

Good purchase
This is a good investment if you want the wind off your face and is very well made

08/20/2018 5:51 pm

Polaris windshield
We ordered the windshield prepared to wait for a period of time, however we were happy to receive it in a very short time. Although I felt it was expensive, the quality was very good with no distortion and was very easy to install.

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