1320 Performance V1 Stainless Steel Header for the Polaris Slingshot

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  • Part Name: polaris-slingshot-header-1320-peformance
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1320 Performance

Mfg. Part #:

304 Stainless Steel

Slingshot Application Guide:

» 2015 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE
» 2016 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE
» 2017 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE / SLR
» 2018 Slingshot GT LE / S / SL / SLR / SLR LE
» 2019 Slingshot GT / S / SL / SLR

Polaris Slingshot Header by 1320 Performance
1320 Performance Mini Ramhorn Header was designed specifically for the Polaris Slingshot to produce excellent power results from 3000RPM to redline. This Tig Welded SUS304 Stainless Steel Header adds a very nice throaty sound to the Slingshot while gaining a manufacturer claimed 9HP over stock. The stock Slingshot manifold is ugly, heavy and has huge choke points because of tiny exhaust and flange ports. The manifold collector on your stock slingshot is only 1.742" inches, the 1320 collector jumps up to a true 2.5" inches.

1320 Performance Polaris Slingshot Header Features:

  • Tig welded in and out for durability
  • Ported runner and collector for extra smooth flow and maximum HP gain
  • True 2.5" inch collector
  • Precision Laser Cut Flanges
  • OEM Fitment can be used with Stock Exhaust and/or Aftermarket Exhaust Systems
  • Dual o2 Sensor Bung on Header.
  • Extra o2 Sensor Bung can be used for wide-band or another tuning oxygen sensor. Plug included if not used.

Product Details
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Does the 1320 header come with gaskets or do we have to get the gasket kit. ( Chuck Geisler, 03/27/2016 1:24 pm )
Hello Chuck, 1320 does not include gaskets with their header and indicates that the header should be used with the factory OE steel gaskets. We do however sell gaskets if for some reason the OE gaskets are in poor condition.
( SlingMods )
I BOUGHT THE Alpha Powersport Stage 1 Power Pack for the Polaris Slingshot KIT WILL 1320 SERIES HEADER BOLT UP THE THE SIDE EXIT EXHAUST THAT CAME WITH THE Alpha Powersport Stage 1 Power Pack ? ( ANTHONY S., 12/19/2015 12:57 pm )
Yes it will bolt up perfectly to the 1320 header, however.. you will not be able to use the stainless heat shield that came with the Stage 1 Power Pack with the 1320 header.
( SlingMods )
Can the OEM muffler be retained with this header? ( Steve L., 11/18/2015 10:29 am )
Hey Steve - The 1320 headers will mount up to the stock flange, so using your stock exhaust will be no problem.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.  Thank you! ( SlingMods )
What is the warranty on the 1320 series exhaust products.

Thanks, Joe
( Joe Cash, 10/30/2015 5:30 pm )
Hey Joe - 1320 Performance has a one year warranty on manufacturer defects.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.  Thanks! ( SlingMods )

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Total Reviews: 105
Average Rating: 4.93

08/05/2019 3:26 pm

Header and exhaust
We really like the performance we are getting with the install of the header and exhaust.

07/27/2019 2:39 pm

Nice Header
Having been a mechanic for 45 years and installed many headers on performance engines this header is the quality of a Doug Thorley header. Very well made but for the price of the header, a copper seal gasket for the plug should be included since it's only 2.79 for 2. That's my only complaint. I still give it 5 STARS. As for the removal and installation goes, the exhaust manifold comes out very easy, a turn here and twist there and out she comes. As for the bottom exhaust bolts, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THEM! Install your new gasket on the engine. Upon installing the header push the bottom exhaust far forward toward the engine. The header can be tight but as you bring it in to the engine, PUSH DOWN ON THE EXHAUST AS YOU ROLL BACK THE HEADER TO CLEAR THE EXHAUST BOLTS AND THE BOTTOM FLANGE OF THE HEADER AND EXHAUST. It should go right in. Tighten all the nuts to specs.

07/03/2019 8:30 am

So Long Annoying Highway Drone
These headers really did bring the best of both worlds to the slingshot (2016 for me).

The stock headers are very constrictive and as a result at highway speeds just drooooone on and it get's very old while road tripping. The new 1320 headers not only helped with the performance aspect of opening up a cars exhaust system but the sound change is split into 2 parts:

1) Heavy acceleration...sounds wicked, definitely a bit more loud than stock however it's much lower in pitch
2) Just cruising - because the exhaust system is less constricted while you are just putting miles on at 70mph the overall exhaust noise has been greatly reduced resulting in less of that higher pitched drone. About the only time it gets any louder compared to stock is going up a higher gradient slope.

05/15/2019 7:53 pm

Performs great, annoying installation
Good looking product, performs great, noticeable increase in power with an exhaust system. Problem is the middle top 2 bolts are directly behind the bends in the pipe making it impossible to get a torque wrench on for proper torque unless you have an Actual Dial-set torque adjustable crescent wrench which is an extremely rare tool and no local store had one. Ended up having to get a set of crows feet, put on a universal swivel adapter to that, then run a 8'' extension and then put the torque wrench on the end of that. Problem with that is that adding that many bits onto a torque wrench changes the torque output from the setting so i ended up having to tighten it by hand, torque wrench to close as i thought and then give it one bit more turn to make sure. Very poor design there considering you have to torque headers properly or they can crack or leak.

05/08/2019 8:21 pm

Great product
Real happy with quality of header. I watched video and then started by removing exhaust manifold first. I was able to put header on by removing exhaust manifold, unhooking 2 springs on muffler, moving it out of the way. I only removed just the bottom rear 2 bolts from head, not all as shown on video. They take a T7 torx socket. I did not remove any of the body parts. Be careful when reaching down to unhook bottom spring, there are screws that stick out that can catch back of hand. I did some test runs before and after putting on the header, and I feel there is an obvious improvement in performance. Looking forward to getting to my spot for high speed, to see if top speed has improved.

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