OEM Style Waterproof Dash Switch for the Polaris Slingshot

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  • Part Name: slingshot-dash-switch
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Slingshot Application Guide:

» 2015 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE
» 2016 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE
» 2017 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE / SLR
» 2018 Slingshot GT LE / S / SL / SLR / SLR LE
» 2019 Slingshot GT / S / SL / SLR

Polaris Slingshot OEM Style Dash Switch
That's great that Polaris left us unused switch locations, so we can power our own aftermarket 12 volt accessories as we see fit. The problem with that is the factory Polaris switches are $30-$40 each from your local Polaris dealer. We've been able to purchase the same Otto Waterproof switches that Polaris uses from the factory and offer them at substantial savings to you. We offer the dash switches in both a SPST and SPDT configuration. The SPST switch allows you to control (1) 12V mod per switch, while the SPDT switch allows you to control (2) mods per switch.

Product Details
Color Black
Material Plastic
Waterproof Yes
I purchased your 3 pack of switches. I ran power from the 12v outlet in the glove box to the switch but when I hook up the hot and the ground from the 12v outlet to the switch in 10 different ways it blows the accessory fuse. I am powering led strips I bought locally for the floor boards. The wire coming from the lights is just two wires. Should be a very simple install, but I went through 15 fuses and give up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks George Ferris ( George, 10/02/2016 6:38 pm )

Hello George, that's because your running both power and ground to the switch and when you flip it on your shorting the circuit. The switch is only intended to control the hot +12v power leads. You'll run a +12v signal to the center pin of the switch and +12v leads out of either the top pin or bottom pin to the +12v wire on the item your trying to turn on. The ground wire for the devices you're running should be connected to the frame of the Slingshot to complete the circuit. Please see the image below and let me know if you need further assistance.

( SlingMods )
With the double switches can both items wired to it be on at the same time? Or when you flip the switch from the up position to the down position to turn that item on does the top position now turn off? Hope that makes sense!! ( Chris, 09/14/2016 7:14 pm )

Hello Chris, the switch is meant to power two devices at separate times. So when you flip up you power one device, when you flip down you power another. If you're looking for more complex functionality or to control devices with your smartphone, you may consider one of our fuse blocks here: http://www.slingmods.com/electronics/electronics-accessories/fuse-blocks

Please let me know if you have further questions!


( SlingMods )
I am interested in buying three switches, but one will control a garage door opener. Can the switch be modified for spring loaded momentary operation or do you also offer a momentary switch in the same style? ( Tom Flynn, 11/06/2015 1:40 pm )

Hello Tom, the garage opener is a separate sku that will actually come with a momentary oem dash switch. We sell them in either 1-button or 2-button configurations to control up to two diff garages. That product can be found here: http://www.slingmods.com/electronics/electronics-accessories/switches

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

( SlingMods )
will these switches be able to control the underglow and halo lights or they just for the headlights? ( charle, 08/31/2015 11:35 am )
Yes, you can absolutely wire these switches to control the UnderGround Halo Lights. ( SlingMods )

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Average Rating: 4.93

09/09/2019 1:55 pm

Jay's Punisher
Great product. Unbelievably easy to install. Would not go anywhere else for my Sling Shot needs.

08/15/2019 12:14 pm

Self explanatory
Easy install. Self explanatory

07/30/2019 12:59 am

it works
looks like oem and looks like it belongs!

07/10/2019 7:06 pm

Goes with the switch box
Pair this with the MADSTAD and you'll love your slingshot just a little more

07/06/2019 6:52 am

Perfect fit
After carefully prying out the blank the switch fit perfectly.

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Prop 65 Notice

Prop65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.p65warnings.ca.gov
Install Instructions

Installation Diagram for the SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) dash switches for the Polaris Slingshot. The Center Pin should receive a 12V lead from the (+) positive battery terminal. It's good practice to put an in-line fuse on the lead from the battery to the center pin on the switch in case you short your switch or overload the circuit. Next you'll want to run a lead on one of the outside pins to the (+) positive side of your first accessory. Next you'll want to run a lead on the other outside pin to the (+) positive side of your second accessory. Lastly you'll want to run the the (-) negative side of the two accessories to a solid ground on your slingshot frame to complete the circuits.  You can now operate the switch UP to power one accessory and DOWN to power another accessory. The middle position on the switch is the OFF position.

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