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Neutrino Element SmartPhone Controlled Accessory Fuse Block for the Polaris Slingshot (Ver 2.0)

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IOS / Android

.9” x 2” x 3”

Arboreal Systems

Max Current Load:
60 Amps

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Polaris Slingshot Application Guide:

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Control all your Polaris Slingshot 12 volt accessories with your SmartPhone via Speed, Ambient Temp, Push Button, Sunrise / Sunset or Relay Trigger
We'd like to introduce our personal favorite mod for the Polaris Slingshot since our inception. The Neutrino Black Box by Arboreal Systems is an absolute game changer, allowing you to control all of your aftermarket 12 volt accessories via bluetooth, through their free Android / Apple phone app. Aftermarket lighting accessories, seat heaters, radar detectors etc., have been a huge part of the aftermarket Slingshot scene. The Slingshot only has 4 switch locations for aftermarket accessories, limiting your ability to run aftermarket accessories. Not any more!

You can Download the FREE Android and IOS app with the links below:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=arborealsystems.com.neutrinoelement

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/neutrino-element/id1247151495?ls=1&mt=8

Bluetooth 4 LE Controlled Device
The Neutrino Black box communicates with your smart phone via Bluetooth 4 LE, the latest standard in wireless communications. What this means is that there are no wires required between the Black Box and your smart phone, with status updates happening nearly constantly and really snappy response to your commands to activate or deactivate circuits. What’s even better is that the Black Box works perfectly with all your other Bluetooth devices. With our Cockpit Controller app in the foreground you will not only be able to easily control the Black Box, but you will also get electrical system status updates and a host of environmental data realtime. Neutrino works great with Bluetooth headsets allowing you to not only control the Black Box, but also listen to music, make and receive phone calls, get directions, and all manner of other functions. Basically, Neutrino works flawlessly with your other smartphone apps.

Simplified Power Distribution Control
The Neutrino Black Box may be small, but it’s mighty. This .9” x 2” x 3” module is completely waterproof, shockproof, and able to withstand all manner of abuse. It’s build using surface mount devices and completely encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy. The Black Box handles up to 60 amps of power over 6 circuits which are protected by self-resetting programmable circuit breakers that you can program whenever you want from your smartphone. With its high current transistors doing the heavy lifting the Black Box is able to switch high amperage loads without relays. With its wireless connection to your smart phone all the wires that would normally need to be run to the front of the vehicle or boat simply aren’t needed. For applications that require more than 6 circuits you can add multiple Black Box modules and access all of them from your smart phone by simply swiping between them. It’s super cool. Black Box replaces conventional fuse blocks with state of that art electronics that take power distribution to a whole new level.

Control Heated Gear
Neutrino is simply the best heated gear control system out there. Any combination of the 6 circuits can be configured as variable output controllers using state of the art PWM technology (pulse width modulation). Unlike the traditional heated gear controllers, the ones that require wires and an ugly knob somewhere on your vehicle, Neutrino is wireless, allowing you to control up to 6 pieces of gear from your smartphone. Unlike lesser heated gear controllers out there Neutrino is really robust and can control anything your throw at it. And unlike other products out there Neutrino’s heated gear control is smooth and linear. Once you try Neutrino for heated gear control you will wonder why anybody would use anything but Neutrino.

Control Lighting Accessories
Neutrino does an awesome job of controlling lighting. First, each circuit can be set to act as a simple switch or variable output controller. This means that you can customize your lighting installation as you see fit with changes as easy as changing a selection on our Cockpit Controller app. But there’s more. With Neutrino you can cause lighting to activate based on vehicle speed or sunset…or by sensing the status of an existing switch. Say you want your driving lights to turn on at 20% power, 20 min before Sunset. No problem. Say you want your driving lights to dim when you activate your fog lamps. No problem. The possibilities are nearly endless. Neutrino is a completely flexible and highly capable system that can support just about any lighting challenge you can throw at it. Wirelessly.

Product Details
Bluetooth Yes
Circuits 6
Color Black
Compatibility IOS / Android
Dimensions .9” x 2” x 3”
Manufacturer Arboreal Systems
Max Current Load 60 Amps
Warranty 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Waterproof Yes
Does it have any constant on circuits or can set a circuit to always be on so you could hook up a regular toggle switch if you wanted to. I feel like some accessories need to have a toggle switch since you can access it easier and faster while driving. ( Anthony, 12/26/2016 3:27 pm )

Hello Anthony, yes you can set a circuit to have full time power with ignition "on" and even set a timer for that circuit when the ignition is "off". You can absolutely hook up manual dash switches to the Neutrino.. giving you the best of both worlds.

Thanks for the inquiry!

( SlingMods )
If I already have the asscessory fuse box installed and plan on replacing it with the Neutrino, can the power wire and trigger wire that is currently feeding that box be used to power the Neutrino black box? I ask because than I wouldn't need to purchase the addition installation harness for the Slingshot. ( Dan, 10/01/2016 5:16 pm )
Hello Dan, the harnesses for the FZ-1 and the Neutrino are almost identical with the exception of the "wire gauge" used for power and ground. The FZ-1 support up to 30 amps of current and the Neutrino allows up to 60 amps of current. If are 100% positive that you will not be pulling over 30 amps of cumulative current draw through the Neutrino box than you can re-use your existing FZ-1 harness. If you will be pulling over 30 cumulative amps of current through the Neutrino, than you will need to purchase the Neutrino harness because the power and ground wires are a thicker gauge. That thicker gauge is required if pulling over 30 amps or you risk overheating the wire which could  be a fire hazard.
( SlingMods )
How long is the usb phone charger extension? Do you have more info on the installation harness? This looks like a great alternative to the accessory fuse block and I might grab another one for my UTV. ( Jerry, 09/08/2016 4:22 pm )

Hello Jerry, the box comes with 2' feet of Power, Ground and Remote. If you'll be using this product on a UTV you will not need the installation harness. The installation harness includes everything you will need to install this product on the Slingshot. The USB phone charger is 18" long.

The box already has a USB port coming out of it, but it's being used for the bluetooth dongle that receives the signal from your smartphone to control your devices. The USB Y Cable Extension allows you to split that USB into both a dongle and a 2.1 amp USB Phone charge port so you can charge either your smartphone or a tablet.

( SlingMods )

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08/17/2017 12:58 pm

This should have been part of my first add-on. Not installed yet, due to the need to do a complete re-wire of all my lighting along with new additions. Still one of the best products sold my Slingmod not over priced. Once installed another review will be posted.

03/07/2017 3:54 am

This fuse block is pretty cool you can do a ton of stuff with it. The nice thing is it has power and ground terminals so you have the option of grounding to the chassis or the block itself if chassis grounding is not an option.

02/27/2017 3:21 pm

This s a must have item. Have my Halo lights and my Gerbing Heated Suit hooked up to the Neutrino box. I separated the pants and socks, and gloves from the jacket so I can control the temps differently.

01/19/2017 11:14 am

This item works as described, easy install give you operational control of lights. Pricey but worth it.

09/21/2016 11:52 pm

What an absolutely wonderful product. I went down to the SlingMods warehouse and they showed me what the Black Box could do in their filming room. I installed it last night and all i can say is "wow". I literally ditched 3 remote controls and can now use my smartphone to control all of my lighting. I can also control my prp heated seats from the app which is amazing.. because the seats only come with on/off.. which either fries your cheeks or isn't warm enough. This is one of those products you must see to believe.. it literally improves the driving experience because you're not fumbling around for remotes or switches. Not sure if i'm supposed to say this or not, but Slingmods is working on integrations with other products they carry so that you can control other things like electronic exhaust and garage openers. sorry if i let the cat out of the bag... but that's bad a$$! I don't even have stuff like that in my M4. You guys freakin rock! Thanks for making these machines better than they come from Polaris!

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