RykerMod Steering Damper / Stabilizer Kit for the Can-Am Ryker

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  • Part Name: canam-ryker-steering-stabilizer-damper-kit
  • Part Number: SM-17903

Hardware Included:

Made In:

Aluminum / Steel

Can-Am Ryker Fitment Guide:
2019 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2020 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2021 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2022 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition / Sport
2023 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition / Sport
2024 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition / Sport

RykerMod Steering Damper / Stabilizer Kit for the Can-Am Ryker
Introducing the RykerMod Steering Damper / Stabilizer Kit for the Can-Am Ryker. The kit includes everything needed for installation. Ryker riders have been looking for a solution for handlebar shake while riding on rough roads since the Ryker was initially launched. The feeling of instability can be unsettling and cause some to give up completely on riding due to concerns about safety. RykerMod has engineering experience in the automotive industry, with education in Aerospace, and wanted to offer a solution that actually works. The difference is night and day. The Ryker is smooth and responsive which in turn, gives the driver confidence while riding. This is proven technology that has been around for years in MotoGP, Motocross, and the like. This product is Patent Pending both foreign and domestic and is filed with the United States Patent office. USPTO granted application number 63/474,154.

Benefits of adding a Steering Stabilizer to your Can-Am Ryker

  • Improved stability: A steering stabilizer helps maintain control over the bike by minimizing unwanted wobbles, oscillations, and vibrations. This leads to a more stable and predictable steering experience.
  • Enhanced rider confidence: By providing a more stable and controlled steering experience, a steering stabilizer can improve rider confidence, especially during high-speed maneuvers and aggressive cornering.
  • Reduced rider fatigue: A steering stabilizer helps absorb road shocks and vibrations, reducing the physical strain on the rider's arms and wrists. This can lead to less fatigue during long rides and allow for more precise control of the motorcycle.
  • Better handling on rough surfaces: When you encounter uneven terrain and rough surfaces, this can cause the front wheel to deflect and the handlebars to shake. A steering stabilizer can help mitigate these effects, providing better control and handling on challenging surfaces.
  • Prevention of tank slappers: A tank slapper is an extreme wobble that occurs when the handlebars oscillate violently from side to side, potentially causing the rider to lose control. A steering stabilizer can help prevent tank slappers by damping the oscillations and keeping the handlebars in check.
  • Increased tire life: By reducing excessive steering inputs and maintaining better control over the bike, a steering stabilizer can contribute to more even tire wear, potentially increasing the life of your tires.
  • Improved safety: Ultimately, a steering stabilizer enhances motorcycle safety by providing better control, stability, and handling. This can reduce the likelihood of accidents due to loss of control or rider fatigue.

Product Details
Hardware Included Yes
Made In U.S.A.
Material Aluminum / Steel

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