Can-Am Ryker Throttle Response Controllers

Out of all of our Can-Am Ryker mods, our throttle control systems defiantly rank among the best. These systems are so simple to use yet so tremendously effective. After a simple plug and play installation of the module, and the optional download of the free app, you will be able to adjust the sensitivity of your throttle with the push of a button. There are plenty of options with which to personalize your throttle response time, whether you want to save on MPG or you want your throttle to kick like a mule at the slightest touch, it is all up to you.

Pedal Commander Plug N Play Throttle Response Controller for the Can-Am Ryker
Pedal Commander Handlebar Mounting Kit for the Can-Am Ryker by Ram Mount
Water Resistant Silicone Cover for the Pedal Commander (Not Waterproof)
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