Can-Am Ryker End Links

As they say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and that saying is just as true for the end links of your Ryker. For those riders who are particularly fond of carving canyons, taking on rough roads, or who just tend to turn a lot, special attention should be given to their end links. Our upgraded aftermarket end links have vastly superior integrity over their OEM counterparts. The dual bearings and sturdy billet aluminum composition of our links maintain your Ryker's stability and help to keep your wheels in contact with the road. Additionally, if you have decided to opt in for some aftermarket coilovers we strongly recommend you look into purchasing some of our adjustable aftermarket end links.

Baja Ron Billet Aluminum Sway Bar End Links for the Can-Am Ryker (Pair)
Super Billet Sway Bar End Links for the Can-Am Ryker (Pair)
SE Performance Billet Aluminum Heim Joint Sway Bar End Links for the Can-Am Ryker (Pair)
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