Can-Am Ryker Coilovers / Shocks

Shocks are one of those components that can drastically change a rider's experienced based on what that rider is doing. Off road, on road, with a passenger, without a passenger, carrying luggage, long distance driving, carving canyons, and a driver's body weight will all influence the way your shocks will react. In turn, how your shocks behave will directly affect the amount of turbulence and control you have over your Ryker. To give you the best performance possible we provide an excellent lineup of high performance quality shocks, each tier geared towards improving the ever more demanding circumstances you may find yourself riding in. All of our shocks come with a roster of adjustable features that let drivers personalize the performance of their Ryker down to the most minute detail. Riding with the OEM shocks might get you where you need to go, but riding with our aftermarket shocks will get you there the way you want to go.  

Elka Suspension Front Shocks / Coilovers for the Can-Am Ryker (Set of 2)
Elka Suspension Rear Shock / Coilover for the Can-Am Ryker (Single)
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