Can-Am Ryker Handlebars & Risers

Alignment is the key to a comfortable ride, but did you know that your suspension isn't the only thing that should be lined up properly? Your handlebars and their location play a key role in how you sit on your bike, and affect everything from your posture, to your grip, to the way you handle your vehicle. With our handlebar riser kits you will finally have control over the position of your handlebars. Whether you're looking for a 2" vertical rise over the stock position, or you would be better served by one of our specialty kits with the ability to pivot backwards or forwards, you will find yourself much better off with the freedom to ride with proper posture.

HeliBars Ergonomic Handlebars for the Can-Am Ryker
Rox Speed FX Billet Aluminum 2" Pivoting Handlebar Riser Kit for the Can-Am Ryker
Black 2" Billet Aluminum Handlebar Riser Kit for the Can-Am Ryker
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