Can-Am Ryker Splitters & Canards

Sometimes we wonder if city planners have it out for the front end of our poor cherished Rykers because those speed bumps and concrete slopes you find on so many streets and parking lots just don't seem to have any mercy. Fortunately our adjustable skid plates are there to take the hit and leave your Ryker unscuffed. These handy mods are specially crafted from aircraft grade material to protect your radiator from not just unruly streets, but also all the other debris of the road that might crop up seemingly out of nowhere. Installation is a simple bolt on design, so no drilling or cutting is needed to keep your Ryker in pristine condition. 

Aluminum Adjustable Front Scuff / Skid Plate for the Can-Am Ryker
ZSW Front Chin Spoiler for the Can-Am Ryker
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