Baja Ron Performance Sway Bar Kit for the Can-Am Ryker

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Delrin | Self Lubricating

Black Bar with Colored Arms

Hardware Included:

Made In:

1/2" Spring Steel

Can-Am Ryker Fitment Guide:
2019 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2020 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2021 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2022 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition / Sport
2023 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition / Sport
2024 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition / Sport

Can-Am Ryker Performance Sway Bar Kit by Baja Ron
If you own a Can-Am Ryker, then you've probably noticed that when you're going around corners the bike can feel a bit top-heavy. This uncomfortable feeling is even more prominent when riding with a passenger. This is because the factory sway bar allows the bike's body to roll more, which can create a feeling of floatiness or sloppiness in the handling. In addition to that the factory sway bar end links are made of plastic, which can flex under spirited riding.

To address this issue, we've partnered up with the Team over at Baja Ron to bring you guys our 3-piece Ultra Performance Sway Bar. This sway bar uses one continuous piece of 1/2" spring steel, with no bends to improve responsiveness. This straight sway bar design ensures a consistent diameter along its entire length which means it has a uniform stiffness or torsional resistance to twisting. It includes two billet aluminum arms. One on either side. These arms are available in several different colors to compliment your Ryker's color profile. This is the ideal sway bar setup for those that love to carve canyons and for those of you that like to ride with a passenger.

When installing a Baja Ron sway bar, you'll also need to swap out the factory plastic end links with something a bit beefier. So we also have Baja Ron end links that feature a billet aluminum link body, Chromoly rod ends, aluminum spacers, and self-lubricating bearings. The end links are also available in several different colors to add a pop of color to your bike.

Most frequently asked Q&A about Baja Ron Suspension Components

Q: Do you have to ride aggressively to appreciate a sway bar upgrade?
A: No, anyone who rides a Can-Am Spyder or Ryker, regardless of riding style or vehicle loading, will get a great amount of improvement. However, the harder you ride and the heavier your loading, the more pronounced improvement will be.

Q: Which bar kit should I get? The BajaRon Original or the Ultra-Bar?
A: Either bar kit will make a significant improvement in handling, stability, and control. Generally speaking, the Original BajaRon Bar works great for the light to medium weight, a single rider with a more conservative riding style. We recommend the Ultra-Bar for heavy riders, aggressive riders, 2-Up riders, and those pulling a trailer. The more weight and the more aggressive you are in riding style, the more stress you put on the bar, and the more the Ultra-Bar will benefit you.

Q: Is the Ultra-Bar safe for light riders with little or no compartment storage weight?
A: Yes. This is the reason that we never made a heavier 1-Piece sway bar kit for those in the heavy or aggressive category. Because a sway bar, too stiff for the load, can be less than ideal in low traction conditions (cold pavement or rain). This is why the Ultra-Bar is ideal for those who only occasionally ride 2-Up. It will function like the Original BajaRon bar for a light load, and give you that added stability when the load increases.

Q: Do I have to purchase the BajaRon end links with your sway bar kit?
A: Yes. The factory end links are made of composite plastic. The bearings are pressed into the plastic. While they hold up reasonably well in stock configuration. They will not stand up under the force created by any sway bar strong enough to make a good difference in handling. You do not want to break an end link. If this happens, you instantly have no sway bar at all. The BajaRon Sway Bar End Links are rated for several times more load than they will ever experience. And engineered to last the life of the motorcycle. Though the current BajaRon end link configuration is superior to the previous iteration. There have been no failures in either product. This cannot be said of the factory end links.

Q: What does a sway bar do? And what can I expect for my money?
A: A sway bar is nothing more than a spring attached at each end of your front suspension. It is a torsion spring which means it resists twisting instead of the more common coil spring which resists compression. It works to transfer excessive weight from the heavy, outside wheel in a turn and moves it over to the inside wheel which is too light. This flattens out the machine in turns, increases traction at all 3 wheels, and helps to keep the front wheels aligned correctly. Making it easier to turn and much more fun on a winding road.

Bushings Delrin | Self Lubricating
Product Details
Color Black Bar with Colored Arms
Hardware Included Yes
Made In U.S.A.
Material 1/2" Spring Steel

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