Elka Suspension Front Shocks / Coilovers for the Can-Am Ryker (Set of 2)

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Black / Red

Hardware Included:
Spanner Wrench Included

Made In:

36mm, Billet Aluminum

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2019 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2020 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2021 Can-Am Ryker / Rally Edition
2022 Can-Am Ryker / Sport
2023 Can-Am Ryker / Sport
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Can-Am Ryker Aftermarket Front Shocks / Coilovers by Elka Suspension
The Ryker is undoubtedly an amazing trike at an amazing price, but the stock suspension isn't all that great in our opinion. Suspension is not "one size fits all", just like we all prefer a different mattress for our body style, shape and sleeping habits... suspension should also be catered to the individual. Do you ride alone or with a passenger? Do you prefer to tour, ride the canyons or both? Are you riding on road, offroad or dual sport? How much do you weigh? These are all questions that should be asked when purchasing new suspension, so that the suspension can be tailor made just for you and your Ryker. Elka suspension does ask these questions and offers 5 available front shock solutions to choose from. Below you can read more about the differences between each stage of suspension and what adjustments are included with each.

What front suspension stage should I get for my Ryker?

  • Stage 1 is our most accessible entry-level shock model designed to upgrade your Ryker's suspension beyond the capabilities of the stock shocks. They are ideal to replace worn out stock shocks or to upgrade the handling of your vehicle in simplicity.
  • Stage 2 shocks are the best investment you can make for your Ryker "dollar for dollar". Our Stage 2 shocks come custom-tuned for your Ryker model, calibrated for your personal riding style with springs adapted to your rider weight, taking all the guesswork out and allowing you to focus on your ride. Don’t be fooled by the Stage 2’s apparent simplicity, these value-packed shocks are some of the best upgrade or replacement shocks you can buy for your Ryker. Treat yourself with a set and start eating miles in style and comfort.
  • Stage 3 is our most popular shock model, providing a great balance of performance and adjustability at a competitive price. They are ideal for riders who are looking for a great no-nonsense performance upgrade.
  • Stage 4 Ryker shocks offer the performance of our latest technology in a package that is more accessible and easier to use. They are ideal for enthusiasts who are looking for high-performance shocks with great adjustability of key parameters.
  • Stage 5 shocks are our top-end model featuring High-Flow technology, ultra-lightweight design and low-friction internal components. They are ideal for racers and enthusiasts who are looking for maximum performance and total control over all suspension parameters without compromise.

Body Diameter 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm 36mm
Lightweight Aluminum Platform
Spring Preload Adjustment
Rebound Adjustment
Low-Speed Compression Adjustment
High-Speed Compression Adjustment

All our shock absorbers come standard with a threaded preload adjustment that allows you to fine-tune the initial force applied on the springs and precisely balance the weight distribution across the front and rear sections of the vehicle. This adjustment is required to set up the ride height (ground or chassis clearance) and to lower or raise the vehicle, allowing you to adapt to various situations or to suit your personal preferences.

You can easily adjust the preload by turning the ring located on top of the springs using the provided tool. A locking set-screw (3 mm Allen key provided) tightly secures the ring to prevent it from coming out of adjustment when riding. Although the preload adjustment procedure is easier to achieve when the vehicle is lifted on a stand, it can also be done on the trail.
The rebound adjustment controls the speed at which the shock absorbers return to their fully extended position after being compressed from an impact. Although the rebound valving is customized for your riding type, sometimes you might need to further adjust the rebound.

Since not all riding conditions are the same, the rider will want to adapt the rebound damping to match them. By adjusting the rebound properly, the track or skis can stay on the ground as much as possible to get maximum traction and reduce the bucking effect of the spring pressure pushing back after an impact. Elka Suspension uses a compact adjuster that can be set with a flat screwdriver, which has detented clicks.
The High-Flow single low-speed compression adjustment controls low-speed compression damping. This technology allows the rider to fine-tune the firmness of the suspension to make it harder of softer depending on the rider’s needs according to terrain conditions or for different types of riding.

The easy to use red twisting knob will make the suspension harder when turned clockwise and will make the suspension softer when turned counter-clockwise.

This type of regulator also features a factory set, internal blow-off valve to relieve peak pressure generated upon harsh impacts which provides a smooth absorption of square-edged impacts and big hits.

Elka Suspension’s High- & Low-Speed Compression adjustment is an internal cartridge with two distinct circuits that control the hydraulic resistance for both high-velocity and low-velocity oil displacement. This enables very advanced fine-tuning for different types of impacts that would otherwise require the rider to make a compromise between a more comfortable softer suspension and a high-performance harder suspension.

With this dual adjustment, the rider can have the suspension set to react differently for high-speed situations and low-speed situations at the same time. Learning and understanding how to dial-in the dual compression adjustment might require a little time and effort, but it will reward the rider with a suspension that work wonders over any kind of terrain and obstacles.

With the dual compression adjustment, the rider can fine-tune the shock absorbers to react differently for riding situations that would otherwise require a compromise to be made between opposed optimal settings. These adjustments are for riders who demand the highest performance and adjustability.

Product Details
Color Black / Red
Hardware Included Spanner Wrench Included
Made In Canada
Material 36mm, Billet Aluminum

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