MotoBatt 12V AGM Battery Upgrade for the Can-Am Spyder (2008+)

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  • Part Name: canam-spyder-agm-battery-motobatt
  • Part Number: SM-4925

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Battery Post Type:
QuadFlex (2) Pos, (2) Neg


8.07 in.

16.42 lbs.

3.43 in.

6.38 in.

Can-Am Spyder Fitment Guide:
2008 Spyder GS
2009 Spyder GS
2010 Spyder RS / RS-S / RT / RT-S
2011 Spyder RS / RS-S / RT / RT-L / RT-S
2012 Spyder RS / RS-S / RT / RT-L / RT-S
2013 Spyder RS / RS-S / RT / RT-L / RT-S / ST / ST-L / ST-S
2014 Spyder RS / RS-S / RT / RT-L / RT-S / ST / ST-L / ST-S
2015 Spyder F3 / F3-S / RS / RS-S / RT / RT-S / ST / ST-L / ST-S
2016 Spyder F3 / F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RS / RS-S / RT / RT-L / RT-S / ST-S
2017 Spyder F3 / F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RT / RT-L / RT-S
2018 Spyder F3 / F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RT / RT-L
2019 Spyder F3 / F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RT / RT-L
2020 Spyder F3 / F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RT / RT-L
2021 Spyder F3 / F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RT / RT-L
2022 Spyder F3 / F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RT / RT-L
2023 Spyder F3 / F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RT / RT-L
2024 Spyder F3-L / F3-S / F3-T / RT / RT-L
Can-Am Spyder 12V AGM Battery Upgrade from MotoBatt
The “Motobatt Battery MBTX24U” is a quality replacement for the stock Can-Am Spyder battery that is built for long term output, high electrical thresholds, and with copious potential to serve the electrical demands of aftermarket modifications. Its high density oxide compound ensures that its electrical charge will continue to serve its owner's needs well into the future, with maximum output. This is complimented by its heavy-cast positive and negative full frame grids, that give it its high performance amp hour and cranking amps. 

Its electrical longevity is only matched by its raw durability. The battery is designed to protect the Spyder from the leaks and acid damage incurred by lower quality units. It is factory sealed and valve regulated, with over-the-partition straps and welds that reinforce its durable structure while also supporting its generous power output and lifespan. It is easy to install and features patented top, front, and side connection terminals that synchronize to the Spyder's design and further add to the battery's durability. Finally, its multi sided terminal is ideal for modders who wish to run accessory cables to their battery without overloading a single set of ports.

For the highest quality, long-term investment to the Spyder's power supply, owners need look no further. The “Motobatt Battery MBTX24U” is built as an all round superior model to stock units. Both its materials and design are engineered to protect the Spyder while offering optimal electrical performance. It possesses tremendous versatility that is geared specifically to meet the needs of modders who desire an abundance of after market electrical modifications. Even drivers without the thirst to mod their Spyder will be well pleased with this battery's ability to hold its charge long term, as well as its superior high output constitution.

Motobatt AGM Battery MBTX24U Features:
  • Factory sealed, valve regulated, maintenance-free
  • Patented top, front and side connection terminal design
  • Heavy cast positive and negative full frame grids
  • Large over the partition straps and welds
  • Patented recessed quad terminal cover
  • Includes hardware (stainless steel fastening screws with wrench/ threaded brass multi-fit terminals/ bottom and side spacers)
Motobatt Battery MBTX24U Advantages:
  • Easy multiple terminal installations, increased power flow, long terminal connection strength and durability
  • Design eliminates damage from acid spills and corrosion to ensure it is environmentally safe
  • Increase durability, power output, and lifespan
  • Multi-terminal fitment for accessory cable fitment, ideal for modding
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat Technology)
Motobatt Battery MBTX24U Is Compatible With:
  • All Can-Am Spyder years and models (GS, RS, ST, F3, RT)
Battery Post Type QuadFlex (2) Pos, (2) Neg
CCA 300
Length 8.07 in.
Weight 16.42 lbs.
Width 3.43 in.
Product Details
Height 6.38 in.

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