Can-Am Spyder Batteries & Accessories

The OEM battery is enough to get by on, but if you really want your electrical system running at peak performance then you will want to pick up one of our aftermarket Motobatt batteries. These batteries outperform their OEM counterparts in durability, power output, and lifespan. They are also crafted with a unique design that eliminates damage from acid spills and corrosion, which protects both your bike and the environment. These batteries are perfect for avid modders as they come with multiple terminal fitment, which allows multiple mod connections to the same battery, while stabilizing the connection strength of your electronics. If you plan on modding your Spyder with aftermarket electronics, or if you just want a better, more reliable battery, then an upgraded AGM battery is the way to go.

MotoBatt 12V AGM Battery Upgrade for the Can-Am Spyder (2008+)
Motobatt MPT3-20-K Battery Terminal Kit for the Can-Am Spyder
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