DEI Complete Heat Control Kit for the Polaris Slingshot

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  • Part Name: polaris-slingshot-heat-control-kit
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Custom 11 Piece Kit

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» 2015 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE
» 2016 Slingshot Base / SL / SL LE
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Polaris Slingshot Heat Control Kit by DEI (11 Piece Kit)
With the Slingshots compact design and 4 cylinder engine, the muffler, catalytic converter, and exhaust manifold all reside in close proximity to one another on the right side of the vehicle. This concentration of heat transfers into the passenger area, cooking the floor and cockpit area. 
To address this heat issue, DEI Powersports developed a custom cut, 11 piece kit that includes a double walled main heat shield, a single walled floor pan heat shield, and an additional 9 pieces covering the transmission tunnel, rocker panels and center console. The end result is a cooler and quieter Slingshot, allowing for longer rides and greater rider comfort.

DEI Heat Kit Specifications for the Polaris Slingshot

  • Material: Various Heat Reflective Materials
  • Size: Pre-cut for exact fitment on the Slingshot
  • Temp Rating: 1000F
  • Color: Aluminum

Product Details
Color Silver
Custom Fitted Yes
Hardware Included Yes
Material Multi
Pieces Custom 11 Piece Kit
I have bought a 2016 SE and here in Texas it gets hot. This along with the heat the engine creates is cooking my wife. The local dealer told me that 2016 models have come with a heat shield to solve this problem. I checked it out and it looks pretty cheesy. My question is will your heat control kit fit over the existing cheesy shield or do I have to rip off the cheesy one to put on ya'lls shield. I also will consider any other suggestions you might have to cool this baby down and make my wife a "Happy Wife". Thanks for your time.

( Gary Deutsch, 08/03/2016 2:42 pm )

Hello Gary, thanks for the inquiry my friend. The factory heat shield Polaris provides wraps around the factory exhaust can. Our DEI heat kit is far more elaborate than the factory heat kit and wraps the firewall, floorboards and trans tunnel. This will dramatically reduce heat and cabin noise. You can leave the factory Polaris heat shield in place as well if you plan to keep the factory exhaust system.

You may also consider our "Bullet Vented Hood Insert" to allow the engine heat to escape from the hood vent
Here is a link to this item:

Another great mod to reduce radiant heat is going to the be the "Alpha Side Exit Exhaust" system which throws the hot engine gasses out the right side of the vehicle.
Here is a link to that product:

Alot of the heat resonates through the passenger side firewall and trans tunnel, which cooks your feet while driving. The MadStad Adjustable Wind Screen allows air to pass under the windscreen circulating that hot air out of the cabin air. 
Here is a link to this product:

Lastly, you may consider a factory exhaust manifold heat shield by Alpha or DDMWorks. These shield block the heat that radiates of the stock header.
These can be found here:

If you combine these 4 products you will see a tremendous reduction in cabin heat. We encourage you to read the customer reviews on each of these products as well, so you can see for yourself what customers are saying about these product before committing to a purchase.

( SlingMods )
Are individual pieces/sections available? I see you posted and answer; however, I don't think you understand my question. It is an 11 piece set, I want to buy selected pieces or pieces have fell off my bike; how do I replace the missing pieces - Are individual pieces/sections available?

( Ryan, 03/21/2016 6:00 am )

Hello Ryan, I spoke with DEI on this for you. The kit pieces are not sold individually if you lose one.. but they said if that happens to let us know and we can contact them to see if they have extra pieces lying around to replace the missing item. Another possible solution for you in that scenario is to just buy one of their heating material rolls.

It's priced as follows:

050505    Extreme Heat Barrier    12" x 21" - (1.75 Sq Ft)     $25.95
050501    Extreme Heat Barrier    24" x 21" - (3.5 Sq Ft)        $44.95
050502    Extreme Heat Barrier    48" x 21" - (7.0 Sq Ft)        $89.95
050503    Extreme Heat Barrier    48" x 42" - (14.0 Sq Ft)     $175.95

( SlingMods )
Are individual pieces/sections available?

( Ryan, 03/20/2016 4:42 am )
Hello Ryan, it's 11 pieces total. The kit includes a double walled main heat shield, a single walled floor pan heat shield, and an additional 9 pieces covering the transmission tunnel, rocker panels and center console. ( Ryan )
Does this kit help cut down driver heat or just passenger heat? ( Rando, 08/20/2015 2:49 pm )
Hello Rando, this kit will shield both the driver and passenger from the heat that flows through the transmission tunnel. It will also shield the heat that is generated by the exhaust system on the passenger side floor board. ( SlingMods )
DEI puts out a great product. Is this product self adhesive? Also what is the rating ie: 400 degree F direct/2000 degree F radiant heat? Also is heat and sound control like their other products they carry? ( Chris-Ohio, 08/07/2015 12:36 pm )
Hey Chris - With the exception of the large heat shield which is bolt-on all the other pieces of the kit are peel and stick.  The kit is made of different materials depending on location on the vehicle. Each area was considered and the appropriate rated material was selected by DEI. ( SlingMods )

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07/05/2019 6:47 pm

this realy helped

05/17/2019 7:57 am

Heat Control
Installation was fairly simple. A few bruises during instal. Waiting for hot weather to arrive to really rate this product

04/10/2019 9:10 pm

Easy to install. Hard to tell how well it works, but the cab it is cooler.

12/19/2018 12:29 pm

Heat control.
This is a very nice kit, that I hope will help with too much heat in the cabin area. So far I’ve only installed the engine bay part as I will have to jackup the sling to get free access to trans tunnel. Only reason for not giving 5 stars is the mounting tabs were on backwards at the bottom of muffler shield, which I did not notice till installed. Accessing bolts after install was quite aggravating. For the cost a little better QC would be nice. After a few bruises It all worked out! I suggest you check this prior to install to save much aggravation. Note: If your going to install header/muffler that is the time to install heat shield, as it made it much easier than the video Slingmods has.

10/18/2018 12:52 pm

Nice Kit
A little bit of a pain to install but the results more than made up for the work. My wife's feet aren't cooking anymore and, combined with a Stealth exhaust, the cockpit is much more comfortable overall.

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