Polaris Slingshot ECM Tuning

An engine control module utilizes software that takes sensor data from a Slingshot and utilizes it to manage fuel use. This data is gathered from the Slingshot's intake, exhaust, cooling system and crankshaft. Furthermore, the ECM monitors air-fuel ratios, idle speed, variable valve timing and electronic valve control. Once this information is gathered, the ECM calculates the optimal oxygen to fuel ratio by controlling a Slingshot's hydraulic pumps to decide how much fuel must be released to each piston for optimal performance.

Modifying a slingshot will change how a Slingshot performs, whether it be from installing a new air intake, a new header, or any other component that influences the combustion process. When these changes are made they will inherently benefit the slingshot and improve performance on their own. However, unless the ECM is tuned to accommodate these changes then there will be a significant amount of lost potential. Fine tuning an ECM to accommodate for updated mods will provide an increase to overall horsepower and engine efficiency, meaning every mod added before tuning will add to a cumulative gain in performance post tuning.

MEFIBurn ECM Reflash / Tune for the Polaris Slingshot (2015-19)
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