Polaris Slingshot Car Wash Cleaning Supplies

Slingmods offers a line of products geared specifically for keeping the Slingshot clean, shined and looking its best. These cleaning products are formulated and manufactured to work with the Slingshot's materials without eroding, scratching or otherwise damaging the target areas. Utilizing the correct cleaning mixtures and cloths is important as improper materials can be too abrasive for the Slingshot's paint and clear coat. Regular towels can cause hairline scratches on the Slingshot's paint job and household cleaners like dish soap can eat away at its wax coat and plastics. All of these will slowly wear down the paint of the Slingshot, leading to a dull and listless appearance, and eventually causing its paint to chip, as well as wear down its other materials. With specially formulated and designed cleaning supplies a Slingshot will maintain its crisp factory fresh sheen and last well into the future.

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