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Average Rating: 4.78

11/10/2016 7:37 am

Relocator Plate
Same with TricLED i'm a returning customer who has had excellent results when dealing with this company.Fast delivery and no questions asked if item needs to be replaced.

10/15/2016 8:56 pm

The relocator kit is a great & awesome part just like most slingmod products. This gives my slingshot a nice sporty look while also allowing my sling wing to be properly place in the place of my original license plate.

08/25/2016 10:13 am

Product shipped fast and it fit correctly, it had all install parts and packaged well, I would highly recommend

08/22/2016 2:57 pm

Swingarm License Plate Relocator Kit Review
I am not a mechanic so I thought I might have a problem mounting and connecting the electrical wiring but it was fairly easy. It looks great, very happy and it works.

06/26/2016 4:14 am

TricLED Swingarm License Plate Relocator Kit
Looks great on the Slingshot and very easy to install!