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12/20/2017 6:28 am

Remote License Bracket
I purchased this to allow mounting of the Performance 1320 exhaust system. I will be installing this over the next two weeks and will have a better opinion of this. I have inspected the parts and they look very good and met my expectations.


10/19/2017 8:17 am

nice unit, could stand a few modifications
Excellent quality, but a few improvements:
- color match the bolts to the plate mount. Black bolts on a black plate instead of silver on black.
- countersink the bolt holes for the plate - bolt heads make the plate unable to sit flush on the mount.
- take split loom out of the picture on web site - it's not included in the kit. Also, there are two versions of the plate mount in the pictures, needs to be only the one you are selling now as latest model.
- keep the bolt head size the same as the ones it replaces, maybe? Now the belt guard has two different size hex heads to take of if it needs removed.

08/13/2017 4:01 pm

nice and easy with everything needed looks great too

08/01/2017 12:34 pm

TricLED License Plate Relocator
Great product, looks great, simple to install

07/18/2017 8:34 am

Plate relocation
Am very happy with parts & assembly. There wasn't a good way to keep the light. Looks great.