Total Reviews: 11
Average Rating: 4.73

12/18/2016 10:07 am

This is the most solidly built hitch out there. 2400 miles through snow, rain, wind and heat pulling my trailer and I never knew it was back there. Since most trailers are designed to carry your ice chest on the tongue, you can get them overloaded quickly, at least that was my experience pulling this same trailer on my Goldwing. Not so with this hitch. The added benefits of being able to remove everything when not in use cannot be stated enough. No one likes hitting their shin on the ball! I chose this hitch over all other styles because I didn’t want or like the idea of any of them being mounted to the swing arm. I chose the drop hitch over the gooseneck, though I’m sure either work just fine. This is a great product, you will not be disappointed.