Add a 300W Kicker 4-Channel Amp & Mounting Plate to the factory Polaris Slingshot Ride Command Stereo System (2018-2019)

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  • Part Name: add-kicker-4-channel-amp-to-factory-ride-command
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Yes, Except Battery Power

Marine Class Amplifier

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» 2018 Slingshot GT LE / S / SL / SLR / SLR LE
» 2019 Slingshot GT / S / SL / SLR
Kicker 4-Channel Amp & Mounting Plate to the factory Polaris Slingshot Ride Command System
The Ride Command systems for the 2018-2019 models of the Polaris Slingshot offer a surplus of enviable advantages in comparison to the head units installed in earlier models. Many of these benefits have attracted countless buyers, such as the Ride Command's Bluetooth connectivity, multi-touch display, route selection, route planning, advanced vehicle data, seamless device integration and much more. The one area the Ride Command system falls short in is its audio performance.

Drivers who desire greater audio performance and sound quality, without surrendering the advantages of the awesome Ride Command system, need not despair. Our “Kicker 4-Channel Amp & Mounting Plate” is found exclusively at,  and completely circumvents the afore mentioned  issues, by bypassing the factory amp with a 300W amplifier that tucks neatly behind the dash. It is easily bolted into the Slingshot and then plugged into the Ride Command with a straightforward connection port. Then the system's power input is run from the battery, to plug directly into the amp itself. The “Kicker 4-Channel Amp & Mounting Plate” is pre-tuned to function with the Ride Command system, and renders the OEM amp redundant and dormant after installation. The OEM amp is not removed from the vehicle, but rather the unique Kicker mounting plate is installed around it. This leaves the old system intact, but circumvents it to allow the Slingshot to utilize its new audio system. This system only functions with the Ride Command, and due to the massive increase of power output available, is not compatible with the "stock" speakers that came installed in your front kick pods.

The “Kicker 4-Channel Amp & Mounting Plate” is a tremendous boon to the Slingshot's audio quality, and pairs perfectly with SSV's aftermarket speaker pods and speakers with plug and play integration. With this system and a set of SSV speakers installed, the Slingshot is able to provide a far higher caliber of audio performance that finally does justice to the Ride Command with breathtakingly clear sound that can be easily heard even at the most intense highway speeds. Versatility and power are the greatest advantages of this system, as the 300 watt output gives 90 watts of acoustic energy to up to four speakers. Alternatively, with the implementation of an aftermarket Y adapter, this system can potentially support up to eight separate speakers as the amp is stable at a 2 ohm load! Overall, this product is the audio backbone that the Ride Command deserved but never got, until now. Between its remarkably powerful and clear performance, and its ease of use and installation, there is no better alternative to augment the experience Polaris Slingshot Ride Command system.

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Hardware Included Yes
Plug 'n' Play Yes, Except Battery Power
Waterproof Marine Class Amplifier

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03/16/2020 6:44 am

Amp set wrong - Fader swish in wrong position
Installed the amp and the rear speakers would not work. Spent an additional 3 hours to figure out, had take everything back apart and double check my workmanship, It was perfect. Finally went to the Kicker's website and found out the amp had configuration switches on the bottom side of amp. With the amp pre-installed on the bracket how would you even know they where there. No instruction for the amp itself.
The 2018 Grand Touring does not have a fader option on the stereo so I had to move switch to the off position and now it works. I also ran the power down the drivers side and straight into battery compartment to keep it protected from the elements.

02/17/2020 1:25 pm

360 WattS? Not.. More like 300
I originally bought this kit under the guise of it being a 360 Watt amplifier. But it was not. It was a 300 Watt Amp. An honestly not a very impressive one. It showed up misconfigured so it wouldn't turn on. Once it was configured it actually didn't sound any better than the stock GM amp. Since the provided plate supports different sizes I am most likely going to replace it with a better amp from JBL. If it wasn't for the fact that I had it all installed before I found these items I might of send it back.

09/17/2019 4:26 am

360W Kicker 4-channel Amp
Products works great, easy connections, very pleased

08/16/2019 7:45 am

Not Great..........
Overall I'm not impressed...
*The amp is not set up so make sure you fine tune it before putting everything back together (There are no instructions on how to do this, so do a lot of trial and error)
*The kit does not come with factory front speaker connectors.
*The sound quality was better with the original amp, But it is louder.
* The auto volume does not work any more.
For the money and time this cost me,I expected a much better sound and overall performance.
**I did install high quality Hertz speakers in the front pods prior to adding the amp. The rear speakers are kicker marines and they sound horrible. I will need to upgrade these.

07/21/2019 8:42 am

Update to previous review!
Starting to grow on me from my first review, got more riding in, definitely better at highway speeds, music clearer. Also realized I screwed up and removed the poly-fil fiber before installing my dual sub enclosure. Since taken enclosure back out and re-stuffed, does improve the bass! (Dah, ok I didn’t realize the poli-fil helps enclosure acoustically)
I will say the instructions and the kit were very good. Have back hump speakers and subs, working on replacing the side speakers next, expect that will seal the deal!

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